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Our hearing services

Griffith Hearing, in Griffith NSW, provides a full range of audiology services for all ages and stages of life.

Hearing test

If you’re worried about your hearing, or somebody in your family seems to have a hearing
problem, don’t hesitate to visit our hearing clinic for a hearing check. It’s a simple test
that can either rule out hearing problems or identify hearing loss.

Diagnostic hearing evaluation

A complete diagnostic evaluation has several steps, to provide us with all the
information we need to correctly prescribe a hearing device, should you need one.


  • The first step is a pure tone air conduction test, which will allow the audiologist to identify the faintest tone that you can hear from a range of frequencies (both low and high).
  • Next step is a bone conduction test, which involves having a small bone conductor behind your ear. The aim of this test is to determine if any loss of hearing is due to the outer/middle ear or the inner ear (at the hearing organ).
  • Then it’s time for the speech test, which means listening to a series of words one ear at a time and repeating them out loud.
  • Fourth step is the immittance test, which involves tympanometry to check the mobility of your eardrums, as well as the condition of the middle ear.
  • The final step is acoustic reflex testing, to measure the ears’ response to loud sounds.

Hearing device prescription and fitting

At Griffith Hearing we prescribe hearing devices by Starkey, ReSound and other leading brands, including the very latest close-to-invisible models that are almost impossible to detect. If your diagnostic hearing evaluation reveals that you need hearing devices, we will help you to choose the make and model that’s best for you. Then we’ll order them for you. When they arrive, we will programme your new devices to meeting your hearing needs. We will also explain how to use the devices, how to charge or change batteries, and how to care for and clean your devices to ensure they perform well and last a long time.

Community hearing education

Would you like our hearing specialist Steve to talk to a group about hearing loss and hearing devices? This free service applies to any type of community group, from sports clubs to book clubs, and everything in between. Helping your friends and acquaintances to understand the importance of hearing tests and how hearing devices prolong enjoyment of life is a service they’ll thank you for. Call us on 02 6964 5509 to arrange a date and time.