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About us

Griffith Hearing is a small but perfectly-formed audiology practice in Griffith, NSW. We offer diagnostic hearing tests, as well as the latest hearing devices for solving hearing loss problems.

Our practice is headed up by Steve Grayson-Riley, a highly-respected hearing specialist who has personal experience with hearing loss. Today, Steve’s hearing is like normal, thanks to the highly effective hearing devices he wears (which, you’ll notice, are very hard to see!).


Steve Grayson-Riley


For audiologist Steve Grayson-Riley, opening Griffith Hearing is the culmination of a lifetime dream. Since qualifying as an audiologist in 1998, he has always wanted to run his own practice.

“I was exposed to the science of audiology at an early age when I was diagnosed with a permanent hearing problem at the age of five. I distinctly remember my mother driving me to Canberra, where the incredibly patient audiologists from the National Acoustic Laboratories would try to convince me to wear my hearing aids. As a small child, I did not want anything to do with these clumsy devices.

“Today things are very different. Hearing devices have come a long, long way. More often than not, you can’t even tell if someone is wearing one. Every day I see how new hearing technology can transform lives. Changes from very young children to seniors struggling with age-related hearing loss.

“The ability to hear is what connects us to each other. Whether it’s lively conversation around the dinner table, listening to favourite music or being able to hear instructions clearly at work.  Our ability to hear is really important to quality of life.

“If you’re not hearing as well as you used to, or you have a family member or friend who’s noticeably less able to hear these days, come and see me at Griffith Hearing. The first step to a solution is finding out how your ears are performing. Everyone, even those who think they have perfect hearing, needs to establish a baseline for their hearing.  This means that losses can be quickly detected in the future.”